Bespoke service

Jaime Moreno Unique Pieces of Art in Jewelry - Bespoke Jewelry designs and commissions

Jaime Moreno is a free soul when it comes to designing a new jewel. Away from industry conventions, he finds his inspiration both in Nature as well as in Life.

His design and manufacturing process is extremely meticulous putting so much attention to every single detail, not only to enhance the beauty of the jewel and its gems, but to make sure that it enhances the beauty of the beholder.

There are no two designs alike as his process is absolutely artisanal and made out his own inspiration.

He has made several commissions for many men and women who have come to him with a personal gem to take the best of it, or with an idea in their minds that he has made an astonishing reality.

The commissioning process is very simple, though the designing and crafting of the piece might vary depending on the complexity of it from a couple months to several months. Either ways, the journey will be so exciting and the results will be so impressive that the wait will always be worthy.

Please fill in the form and Jaime will get in touch with you to provide you with all the information you may need.