The ring was inspired by a bouquet of calla lilly flowers wich surround a center of pink tulips.

The softness and beauty of nature at its maximum expression.

Jaime Moreno Working on the Pink Tourmaline Flower


First, the base of the ring was modeled in 3D with the lateral coves, on which the pink tourmaline rests and was cast in white gold. The diamonds were then set, except 4 of them.

Then the small leaves that line the tourmaline were modeled and melted in rose gold and then remodeled on the metal with a pneumatic buril.

The greatest difficulty was choosing the tourmaline fixing system at the base of the ring without using any type of glue.

First the tourmaline was fixed to the row of leaves with pins that penetrated the tourmaline itself.

This block was then fixed to the base of the ring with other pins introduced by the 4 holes of the unset diamonds.

Once the pins were welded, they were covered with the 4 diamonds.

Finally, the lining inside the ring was welded, modeled with drawings of coves and previously cast in rose gold.


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