My passion for horses is being reflected in this unique piece, one of the works I'm most proud of. Feel the dynamism of the head and its hair waving to the air. Enjoy the multiple colors of this magnificent piece of opal giving a true sense to the beauty of life.

A marvelous natural boulder opal from Queensland (Australia). Sculped on both sides in a horse head carving made in Idar-Oberstain as a museum piece of the 70´s. Unique piece very valued by collectionists.


Chain 60 cm
Dimensions 58 x 52 mm | Boulder Opal 40 x 35 mm.(60,96 ct). Diamonds 1 to 3 mm (3,62 ct)
Metal 18 kt white gold
Gemstones Boulder Opal of Queensland (Australia) and diamonds.
Color White, blue and brown

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