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Tornasol Necklace | Jaime Moreno - Art in Fine Jewelry - Spanish Luxury Fine Jewelry



Tornasol is a unique composition that recreates the marvelous joy of finding an oasis in life. Necklace arms represent the rivers that feed the oasis with an array of colorful emotions. The two pieces represent the contrast of Mother Nature between life (water) and death (desert sand).


Arms 45 cm
Dimensions 78 x 52 mm
Metal Upper chain: 18k rose gold
Necklace arms: 18k rose gold
Boulder opal housing: 18k white gold
Main body: 18k rose gold
Gemstones Main stone
– Boulder opal of 60,5 x 17,5 mm
Other stones
– 2 rubellite tourmalines at the top and bottom of the main body
– 102 diamonds of 1.2 mm in diameter surrounding the Boulder opal housing
– 3 diamonds of 2.0, 2.4, and 2.7 mm in diameter on the inside of the Boulder opal housing
– 86 tsavorites, sapphires of various colors, and emeralds of 1.8 mm in diameter at the edge of the main body
– 196 tsavorites, sapphires of various colors, and emeralds from 1.5 to 5.0 mm in diameter on the necklace arms
Color Green, blue, red, yellow, white

Tornasol was winner of Best Piece of Jewelry Award at Inhorgenta Award 2018 – Click here to find out more about it

Click here to find out more about this UNIQUE MASTERPIECE

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